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Have you heard of Smart bond?

Smart bond is an additive we mix with your colour and pre-lightening product to protect your hair while colouring. The hero ingredient, Maelic Acid, protects strong bonds and restores weak bonds inside the hair fibre. It prevents breakage, protects the hair from damage and maintains the integrity of the fibre. For softer, stronger, shinier hair.

Smart bond can also be a fantastic intense treatment for those who don't colour their hair but are looking for hair that,
Feels softer, more complete and smoother to the touch.
Stronger because the hair fibre is strengthened inside and out.
Looks shinier as your hair is healthier giving it more light and shine





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Welcome to Gorgeous hair design ltd which is a contemporary hairdressing salon in Godalming. We believe your hair is an asset, expressing style and beauty. Our dynamic team of experts are not just great with people but also with their hair.

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